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Company Overview


Elrich Bituminous Systems, a Richmond Group Company, offers Polymer Modified Bitumen (PMB) and speciality Emulsion binders in technical partnership with Modified Asphalt Research Center (MARC) based at the University of Wisconsin (Madison) USA, the center of excellence engaged in the field for innovations in new bituminous binders and asphalt application technologies. Elrich is a well established brand for the range of Polymer Modified Binders offered by the Richmond Group.

Elrich utilises Group’s 14,000 MT state-of-the-art integrated bitumen terminal in Ras Al Khaimah Maritime City for the storage & manufacturing for value added bitumen binders supply to the UAE, Oman and neighboring countries and Africa. This is one of the largest integrated terminals in the GCC region. Elrich produces Bitumen emulsions and cutback binders for wide ranging applications such as prime and tack coats, surface dressing amongst others for applications of pavement preservation and maintenance. Newly developed Polymer / latex modified emulsions are offered for speciality applications such as trackless tack / bond coat. The production capabilities of Ras Al Khaimah terminal are:

  • Polymer modified bitumen binders production using high shear equipment.
  • Bitumen Emulsions and Cutback of various grades.
  • Speciality binders- Warm Mix Bitumen binders, Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen, Multi-grade bitumen, low pen hard bitumen for high modulus base course mixes.

About Elrich Bituminous Systems

In technical collaboration with Modified Asphalt Research Centre at University of Wisconsin-Madison USA, Elrich manufactures and supplies Hybrid Polymer Modified Bitumen (PMB) and speciality binders to the pavement construction industry in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Elrich’s operations utilize sophisticated manufacturing plants, including German high shear mill units. An advanced Quality Control (QC) facility for Bitumen, PMB and speciality binders is an integral part of the operations. These QC facilities are capable of testing the full range of bitumen and PMB binders to AASHTO, ASTM and CEN specifications encompassing performance gradation(PG), penetration (PEN) and viscosity gradation (AC or VG). Elrich offers PMB Binders in conformity with specifications of Performance Graded Bitumen (AASHTO M320 and M332), European EN 14023 and other national, regional or client driven specifications.

Elrich has pioneered new generation Hybrid PMB technology in the region since 2011-12. Elrich Hybrid PMB binders offer unique advantages as compared to conventional SBS modified PMB binders.

Excellent storage stability in hot conditions.

Lower viscosity.

Improved coating ability of aggregates.

Ease of constructability through lower mixing and compaction temperatures.

Lower mixing temperature with aggregates allows the contractors to save significant fuel cost and yet achieve the perfectly coated aggregates, minimizes excessive oxidation of binder thus improving durability of pavements.

Lower compaction temperature provides extended time window and flexibility for laying operation.

Increased paving coverage speed.

Significantly improved resistance to rutting and fatigue cracking thus translating into attractive life cycle cost of asphalt pavements.

Elrich PMB has been successfully applied in the Middle East since 2011-12. Some of the notable projects where Elrich PMB and CRMB have been utilized are:

  • 1. Airports: Sharjah Airport New Runway, Abu Dhabi Airport Midfield Terminal Complex and New Taxiway, Muscat International Airport MC-3 project, Najaf Airport and various Military Airfields in the Middle East.
  • 2. Urban Infrastructure Projects: Signalised junctions and traffic interchanges at Muscat International Airport, Al Mahaj Muscat amongst others in ambit of Muscat Municipality and Oman’s Ministry of Transport, Ubungo Interchange project in Dar Es Salaam Tanzania.
  • 3. Heady Duty Highways and Carriageways: Orbital highways, East Corridor Highways in Qatar, Signalised Junction in Ras Al Khaimah, 2 U Turns in Siji Roundabouts for Truck Lanes, Mafinga Igwa sections of Tanzania Zambia highway, a prestigious World Bank Project.
  • 4. Pavement for Global Event: Terminal Blend of Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen with warm mix character for Expo 2020 Event in Dubai.

Elrich PMB has been successfully applied in the Middle East since 2011-12. Some of the notable projects where Elrich PMB and CRMB have been utilized are:

  • 1. Polymer Modified Bitumen based on Elastomers (styrenic polymers) and Plastomers.
  • 2. Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen - Terminal Blend with higher stability and warm mix character.
  • 3. Bitumen Emulsions (cationic and anionic) and special emulsion grades such as polymer / latex modified emulsions, low tracking emulsion for high performance tack coats.
  • 4. High Viscosity modified bitumen and special modified bitumen for high modulus EME asphalts.

The Group’s Research and Development department has a dedicated team engaged in development of new binder manufacturing and application technologies and continuous technology improvements. The R&D team works closely with leading global institutes, partner agencies, and customers on a real time basis in technology transfer and implementation of PMB applications in the region.