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Provision of PMB Manufacturing & QCQA Management

Elrich Bituminous Systems provides technology support to International partner companies in areas of PmB and speciality binders.

  • Set up PmB manufacturing and QCQC facilities for international partner companies
  • Implementation of PmB binder manufacturing and QCQA management program
  • Provision of Technical support services for successful application of PmB in Hot Mix Asphalt

On-site manufacturing and supply of PmB and other speciality binders on a large scale airport / highway / road project or at remote construction site location by setting up PMB and emulsion production plant and QCQA laboratory.

Following are markets where we are engaged in technical partnerships,

  • India
  • Iraq
  • Kuwait

To help you assist in successfully manufacturing and supplying ElrichTM Polymer Modified Bitumen binders in your country or on your large scale construction projects, please contact admin@elrichpmb.com